Dorset stone

Dorset stone
  • Heavy Duty Areas

  • Floor tiles for dry area applications including shod external areas
  • Changing rooms floor tiles
  • With a subtle surface and good anti-slip features
  • Retail shops, public toilets floor tiles
  • Excellent slip resistant qualities for shod and barefoot in both dry and wet areas
  • Public Areas floor tiles
  • Provides excellent slip resistant qualities in all areas for bare foot and shodfoot traffic

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    Dorset Collection

    Dorset Woolliscroft Flat Quarry Tiles

    A versatile smooth surfaced tile in 2 sizes and 7 colours, which is easy to keep clean.

    View Dorset Flat

    Dorset Woolliscroft Luna Quarry Tiles

    This hard wearing, heavy duty tile is available in 4 colours in 2 sizes, making it the go-to tile for any number of situations.

    View Dorset Luna

    Dorset Woolliscroft Pinhead Quarry Tiles

    Another general purpose slip resistant tile suitable for wet and dry areas, shod and barefoot, inside and out.

    View Dorset Pinhead

    Dorset Woolliscroft Multidisc Quarry Tiles

    The pendulum tests to assess slip resistant in both wet and dry conditions show exceptional low levels of slip potential.

    View Dorset Multidisc

    Dorset Woolliscroft Tetra Quarry Tiles

    Tetra has excellent slip resistant qualities for all areas of bare foot and shod foot traffic.

    View Dorset Tetra

    Dorset Woolliscroft Textured Quarry Tiles

    A multipurpose 300 x 300mm tile in 3 contemporary and co-ordinating colours that has good slip resistant qualities

    View Dorset Textured

    Dorset Woolliscroft Gritstone Aggregate Quarry Tiles

    A hard wearing tile with aluminium oxide particles embedded throughout for sustainable slip resistance

    View Dorset Gritstone Aggregate

    Dorset Woolliscroft Pebbled Aggregate Quarry Tiles

    Will deliver on performance, have excellent longevity and anti-slip properties wherever it is installed

    View Dorset Pebbled Aggregate

    Dorset Woolliscroft Elite Quarry Tiles

    It will withstand substantial weights, as the thicker the tile the greater the load distribution

    View Dorset Elite

    Dorset Woolliscroft Tactile Corduroy Quarry Tiles

    Is designed to warn visually impaired people of the presence of specific hazards

    View Dorset Corduroy

    Dorset Woolliscroft Tactile Blister Quarry Tiles

    Is designed to warn the visually impaired of the edge of all off-street platforms and pavements near crossings

    View Dorset Tactile Blister

    Dorset Woolliscroft Fittings

    Fittings are key to achieving the perfect finish

    View Dorset Fittings

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