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Fotheringhay (A) with Browning victorian floor tile design

Original Style
  • Brand: Original Style
  • Product Code: OSVFT-FOTA-BRO
  • Availability: Normally in stock

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Calculating the area manually: For floors, you need to times the length by the width of the floor area you need to tile, the result being the square meterage (sq foot) of the floor. Example: Floor width 3m Floor-length 4m Area to be tiled; 3m x 4m = 12 sqm(square metres) Wastage should be allowed for ( breakage, cuts, etc...) at a rate of 10%.

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Fotheringhay (A) with Browning border a buff, red Victorian floor tile design recreated from authentic patterns. A simple olde english design which will add timeless charm to your home; is made up of 2 colours (Buff, Red), 2 shapes (squares, triangles) and 3 sizes (151x151x9, 106x106x 9, 104x73x73x9mm) an original style design made up of various coloured buff and red it is a design part of the Perfect Symmetry geometric patterns

The patterns shown here are increasing in complexity with the introduction of the non equilateral triangles. This most useful shape works well with the square. The triangles are also often used when making up border patterns.

Fotheringhay (A) an original style design made up of various colours: buff and red in different shapes: squares and triangles.

Contact our friendly team to get help with quantity estimations; main patterns are priced per square metre, borders designs are priced per linear metre but sold in any quantity without a minimum order value or quantity.

A popular traditional design that looks good in any colour combination. Include a decorative tile for extra interest. Shown with a Browning border. Browning border is made up of 3 colours (Buff, Red, Brown), 3 shapes (rectangles, squares, triangles) and 4 sizes (151x24x9,151x151x9,53x53x9,73x52x52x9mm)
. An important factor when you are choosing a framing border is the width, this is 287mm which we have classified as a wide border. This is only a single suggestion, you can choose another border, mix colours, add other shapes or simply make up your own by combining individual tiles..

TECHNICAL DETAILS (main points):

Suitability: Most commercial applications, interior, exterior heavy domestic locations. If in doubt please refer to our technical department for further advice
Description: dry pressed ceramic tiles with low water absorption 0.5 - 3%, vitrified.
Slip resistance: R10
Working tolerances: 0.75% - 1.2%
Mohs scale surface resistance: 7
Chemical resistance: conforms to standard BS EN ISO 10545-13
Thermal shock: conforms to standard BS EN ISO 10545-9 1996

See specification sheet (pdf)


These tiles are unglazed, we recommend that they are sealed.
Recommended grout gap  2mm; they have to be grouted with a grey cement based grout suitable for your application.
Recommended tile adhesive - click link below.

See Victorian Floor Tiles Fixing Guide

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