Choosing the right tile colour

  • Choosing the right tile colour

Choosing the right tile colours for your home can sometimes be tricky and intimidating, particularly if you consider adding some character or your colour choice comes with an impressive price tag.

If you are in the middle of redecorating your kitchen or bathroom you’ve probably spent a small fortune on cupboards/cabinets and appliances and you might feel tempted to compromise on tiles. The new tiles will be an investment in your home and will completely transform the look and feel of your room.

There are no specific rules about what colour you should have in your kitchen or bathroom but there are some suggestions. Lighter colours will benefit small places as they will make the room look brighter and bigger, but don't be afraid of punchy colours as they can add character to a room.

Patterned tiles offer many ideas, fresh and uplifting colours, and inspiration. They are beautiful to look at and practical to use.

Featured here is the Woodland Glade from Ca'Pietra's National Trust Tile Collection

The white and blue combination will add beauty and interest to your home whether you use it in the kitchen or bathroom.

Here we have the gorgeous blue and white Sunburst Sea Blue tile from Verona

For an extra special result, you can try a bold splash of colour like a Copper leaf to create a feature wall that will express your personality.

Featured here is the Copper Leaf Clear Glass tile from Original Styles' Glassworks Collection

And of course, there is always white, a colour that is the perfect partner for homes. White tiles are bright, offer a neutral background for any style and work well for both larger and smaller spaces.  

Featured here is the Rhombus Mosaic tile from Original Styles' Mosaics Collection

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