Creating a Beautiful Garden

Date:: 20 May 2024

A garden is more than just the space outside your house—it's the perfect spot to unwind over the weekend or enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Outdoor tiles, some lovely furniture, and the right accessories, can transform any garden into a favourite outdoor retreat. Let's have a look at how to effectively utilize these elements and put together a beautiful garden that it's just right for you. 

Outdoor Tiles

If you are thinking of using outdoor tiles it's important to choose the right ones, as they set the foundation for your garden’s aesthetic and functionality. Here are some tips that will hopefully give you an idea about choosing the right outdoor tiles:

Tile Material: 

It's a good idea to choose materials that can hold up against the weather. Porcelain tiles are excellent for this because they don't absorb much water and handle cold temperatures really well. Natural stone tiles, like slate or limestone, also offer a unique look and color variations that can give a place some rustic charm.

Featured here is Harlequin Small Green on Chalk from Original Style

Size and Color:

Large-format tiles can make a small space look bigger, and lighter colors can make a space brighter. Darker tiles are also a great choice as they add warmth creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Slip Resistance: 

Go for tiles with high slip resistance rating to minimize accidents, especially in areas prone to moisture.

Outdoor Furniture

Choose multi-functional furniture that provides comfort but also enhances your garden. Consider the following when selecting garden furniture:

Material Choices: 

Wood furniture is a classic touch and works well with natural landscapes. Metals like aluminum and wrought iron are durable and can be styled from modern to traditional. Rattan and wicker pieces are perfect for a more relaxed and tropical feel.

Featured here is Deck Chair Porcelain Rose tile from Ca'Pietra

Accessories for Your Garden

Accessories are the finishing touches that personalize and enhance the aesthetic of your garden. Weather-resistant cushions, vibrant outdoor rugs, and stylish pottery can reflect your personal style while adding color and texture to your outdoor retreat. String lights, lanterns, and pathway lights can enhance the garden’s charm and utility.

Image credit: Justin Coakley

Take the time to plan your garden layout, choose materials and products that suit your climate and lifestyle, and most importantly, let your garden be a reflection of your personal style and passion for the outdoors. Happy gardening!

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