How to choose a Victorian tile design

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Victorian floors stand the test of time and now more than ever their beauty and elegance remains incredibly popular. Choosing a Victorian design can be a bit overwhelming; such a multitude of variations available. The geometric designs are built up from different shapes and colours to which you can add borders to help embellish your floors. You can decide on a simple design or you can go for a more complicated one, but either way, the outcome will be something spectacular. We have put together some information that will hopefully make planning a bit easier.

1. Choosing your Main Pattern

The most important task is choosing the main pattern, which is basically the middle part of the design. A good thing to take into consideration when choosing your pattern is the size and shape of the area, and matching the tiles with the house decoration and furniture. Although photos of Victorian floors shown in different settings look brilliant online or on paper, we recommend you ask for tile samples to take home, or you can take advantage of our Online Tile Visualiser. The service is very easy to use and it will help you see how your favourite pattern looks like in different settings. Our recommendation is to first, plan your design on the ground so that you have a clear idea of how the colour combination will look like. Planning everything carefully is very important, as even a small mistake can diminish the outcome of your floor.  

2. Choose the Border

Borders and patterns are perfect partners!! The border is a decorative detail that surrounds the main design and just like the main pattern, they are composed of different geometric shapes and colours. It’s very important to work out the width of the proposed border design (as some may be too wide or too thin for your project), remembering to allow 2mm for each joint.By framing the main pattern with a border, you will achieve a more interesting and bolder design.

3. Choose Special Pieces

What we call special pieces, are normally plain pieces of tiles or step treads (found on the ledge of steps) that complement the colour of your design, used to fill in gaps between the pattern and wall edges.

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