The Right Tiles for Curved Spaces

  • The Right Tiles for Curved Spaces

Tiles are a favorite for home decor, but can they work on curved surfaces? The answer is an absolute yes! Curved areas, while challenging, can be turned into beautiful features with the right tile choice and installation method. In this post, we'll talk about the best tile types for curves, their benefits, and how to install them for an eye-catching result. 

Can Tiles Be Used on Curved Surfaces?

Absolutely! Using tiles on curved surfaces not only adds elegance but also enhances the durability and cleanliness of the space. However, it requires careful planning and specific techniques to achieve a flawless, lasting finish.

Choosing the Right Tiles for Curves

Flexibility and Size

The key to tiling curved surfaces is flexibility. Smaller tiles, like mosaics, work best for sharp curves as they can easily conform to the shape without cracking. For smoother curves, rectangular or pre-cut tiles can be used if they are cut correctly.

Suitable Materials

Not all tiles are created equal for curved surfaces. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are great choices due to their flexibility and durability. Some tiles are specifically designed for curves, being thinner or pre-cut to make instalation easier. Our Kit-Kat or Mosaics are perfect examples of such adaptable tiles

This is Bullion Gold mosaic from Original Style

Preparing the Surfaces

Before installation, it's crucial to understand the type of curved surface you're working with. Different surfaces require a different approach. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and leveled. Sometimes, a base coat or reinforcing mesh is necessary to ensure the tiles stick properly.

Installing Tiles on Curved Surfaces


Accurate trimming is vital. Use tools like tile cutters or diamond saws to make precise cuts that fit the curve perfectly.

Here we have the Kit-Kat mosaics from Dune 

Laying the tiles

Place the cut tiles in their designated spots and use spacers to keep their position even. This ensures a neat layout before grouting.


Apply grout evenly to secure the tiles. For curved surfaces, you might need to adjust the joint size to allow flexibility and prevent tiles from moving or breaking.


Remove any excess grout before it gets dry. After the grout has set, seal the joints to protect against moisture and dirt.

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