With a reputation to be proud of, Original Style has been a thriving tile manufacturer/distributor for over 30 years. There is a huge variety of high quality products to choose from that will compliment any taste and any space.

One of the biggest retailers of Original Style is Decoramic Tile Centre. Here you will find Original Style tiles for walls and floors

Artworks collection – a beautiful work of art of glossy glazed wall tiles

-Mosaics collection – an extensive mosaic collection consisting of glass, metals, shimmering iridescent, shell and marble

-Earthworks collection – classic beauty of stone

-Glassworks collection – is what you need to obtain a unique style

-Tileworks collection – distinctive and practical porcelain and ceramic tiles

-Oddysey collection – a story behind every design

- VictorianFloor Tiles collection – geometric floor tiles the perfect partner for a vintage look

La Belle collection -beautiful glazed ceramic tiles

And least but not last the handmade tiles found in the Winchester collection.

The start of something beautiful

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